No one likes surprises, and that’s one reason we provide a quote based on your project, not by the hour.

The only exceptions are additional consultation time (if required beyond what’s included in your quote) and any travel time required.

You’ll receive a detailed quote that spells out exactly what’s included, and a contract that everyone agrees to before work commences.

Rush Jobs

Only in rare cases do we take rush jobs, and usually only for existing clients—and that policy works in your favour. Why? Because proofreading and document formatting require a great deal of focus, along with several passes, to get things right. With a last-minute rush, the odds increase of having embarrassing (and potentially costly) mistakes slip through, both at your end and ours. And no one wants that to happen.

That being said, smaller and less-complex projects lend themselves more readily to a fast turnaround. If you truly have a vital job that you need in a rush, please get in touch through our Contact page and we can discuss it.


We are a registered business required to collect sales tax. The tax rate depends on where you are located and differs depending on your province, territory, or country.

For clients outside Canada, we are not required to collect sales tax. For clients based in Quebec, we are not required to charge QST.

Any taxes that apply to your project will be clearly noted on your quote.